Warrior (2011)

Just finished watching Warrior, which I’ve been trying to watch for a while after recommendations from a few people. I didn’t look at trailers or synopsis beforehand, I was just informed it was a good watch. At first I saw that it was all MMA based so wasn’t overly keen, but being a massive Tom… Read more »


I’ve just finished watching the film Prisoners and I have to say it blew me away. I wasn’t expecting much, but I knew that because it was Hugh Jackman (the Dad) that I would see it as time well spent (I’m a big fan, just incase that wasn’t obvious). Jake Gyllenhaal (the cop) is usually… Read more »

Road up rocky down

Went out for a nice wee ride on Saturday with @bungalistic and @ian cawthorne. Decided to keep it short…only 12 miles…at a trail centre this would have been easy, but the climb up to watendlath was torture on my new 2.4 tyres. The descent down from the top was worth it though. Big rocks, drops… Read more »

Near Arthurs Pike towering over Ulswater. My currenty trusty (and getting rusty) stead! You know you have a good rider to bike relationship when you no longer have to think about what you are doing with regards to brakes, position, steering etc, and when you can just choose your line and go with it, taking… Read more »

On lake geneva…my belly forces my boyancey aid up…risky manouver!

Enroute to Morzine

Been a bit busy recently but here is a photo from the start of our journey to Morzine in the Alpes 😀