Itching to get out…

the view to the bus stop from our living room…notice the snow 🙂 Well we have been chilling out in Chalet Chambertin with the Mountain Mavericks team for a day now, and I just can’t wait to get started. The snow has just started falling heavily and we went to take a look at Chalet… Read more »

A lot of driving….DONE

Here are some images in a slideshow of our journey down, it was like driving on the same road for 7 hours except each hour was a different month. The drive itself was amazing, really nice country side to be driven through, no traffic and not too taxing. The ferry was pretty fun too…I can… Read more »

White cliffs of dover

We can’t actually see the white cliffs due to the fact we are facing the wrong way, sat in the ferry queue. All good, arrived here in good time, although feeling pretty tired right now, and my android Blogger app thing won’t let me do pictures 🙁 405.5 miles travelled so far, one top up… Read more »

far too early!

Up in time! Pepper just thought she would have one last hug, right before I make Ems pack the car. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

Settmurthy "freeride" trails

Grave and I got invited out to some downhill style trails in Settmurthy, so we decided to check them out. I say downhill type trails because I am guessing that downhill riders would find it a bit too smooth, so maybe its more of a freeride place…I dunno, we took the bikes anywho! Walking up… Read more »

Stainburn with sunburn

After a night at the wakeboarding campsite, we put Ricks bike together and headed up to Stainburn. A mountain bike trail found near Harrogate with a red and a black loop. The only issue I have with Stainburn is that the loops are very short in comparrison to a lot of trail, but they are… Read more »

Wakeboarding at Sheffield Cable Water Ski

In the spirit of trying something new, we decided to try and organise a wakeboarding trip. We had been told it was much like snowboarding therefore I think it was inevitable that we would love it. Unfortunately due to the lack of money and the fact that trying this sport wasn’t cheap we only had… Read more »