Snow is falling…all around

WOOOOOOO! The rain has gone! The view from our window blows my mind everytime I go over and look, it is incredible. Bearing in mind that when I go to the window and look up, the top of the tree line is extremly high, you can imagine just how high I have to look to… Read more »

The Thaw…

This one is for you Lucie 🙂 This is the view from our chalet kitchen window. The snow is pretty much gone due to heavy rainfall, but should apparently make the snow better for riding as it will for a harder more compact base for fresh snow to sit on. These are the wise words… Read more »

3rd day on the hill

Technically our 3rd day on the hill, but only the second while the lifts have been running. We decided to go back up…just because we could, and it was worth it. We hit a load more off piste today and it was well amusing! See the following video of Ems on her off piste antics:… Read more »

Avoriaz opens it’s lifts!

After 10 days of being here, we finally got to go out and hit the piste! It cost us 15 euros each though as the season doesn’t officially start till next weekend and only a select few lifts were open. We were happy enough to just get our riding legs back on the blues and… Read more »

The Slopes are open in Avoriaz!

The view from our bedroom window for the next 5 months Well it’s been 10 days and 22 hours since we set off…and today is the first day the lifts are open! So the Mountain Maverick crew are heading out! I have just been on the old video chat with Lyle (used to work in… Read more »

Ice Hockey Rocks!

So Ems, me, Dom and Mel headed to the ice hockey to support the local Morzine team against the Mont-Blanc team. We met up with another couple Rick and Helen who are friends of Dom and Mel’s, both seemed like lovely people and we will no doubt be riding with them at some point. The… Read more »

First snowboard ride

A full day off, and a lot of snow? Lets go ride! Well, we did, hoping that the rumours of a couple of lifts opening early were true, only to arrive and have our high hopes crushed when the lifts were all locked up 🙁 So we decided to head to Ardent and do a… Read more »

WOW….it snowed!

Well that was a suprise, woke up to see…a lot of snow fall…the previous photo was only 8 hours ago! WOOOOOO!